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A day ago, I woke up from an explicit dream involving my dentist

29 May

Im scheduled for a conscious sedation appointment with him in two hours and Im terrified of what I might say or do while Im under..


Trip in Raleigh

27 May

So if you’ve stayed at a full service Marriott aberdeen united kingdom hotels before you know what to expect.

I think Life-of-pi is very good

17 May

Ang Lee’s extraordinary, lyrical, beautiful, moving, genre-defying Life of Pi can be recommended with the simple, sweeping assurance that it is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

I couldn’t keep up with either one of them

15 May

Yesterday evening, I was in a Zumba class with a young woman in her 20s and an older woman in her 80s..

VitC products recommendations please

12 May

Silk naturals . All of the below can be sampled.

Sixty-three different vintage Paris images in this digital collage sheet, most from 1889, the year the Eiffel Tower was built. Printables 637 by piddix

6 May

My 5 yr non-relationship is over—and so is my real relationship–wat now?

5 May

I was basically dating my x bf and emotionally cheating on him w/ my non-relationship guy of 5 yrs…..I guess when I wasn’t in a relationship I would call my non-relationship guy when things got bad w/ me so I got used to relaying on him emotionally and