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love it

30 Apr

I can’t stand bums, so I smacked him across the jaw

29 Apr

Today, I was walking home, when I saw a homeless man trying to tear the wallet out of another guys hand. Thats when the other one kneed me in the balls and made off with my wallet as well.

Making fajitas tonight-what should I include on the shopping list?

28 Apr

Red/green pepper. Making fajitas tonight-what should I include on the shopping list.

Have anybody viewed This is 40

27 Apr

There isn’t enough story to float a TV sitcom; it simply consists of people bickering.

I saw this mua-er’s gif and i just can’t stop looking. i think it’s maru (yt cat)

26 Apr

When the kitty’s feet pop out. That was Epic.

Hilton berlin berlin

24 Apr

Sadly, I probably won’t stay here again because it’s a Hilton affiliate and I think the HHonors program is really bad: They are not very generous with points, and after a year of inactivity, the delete your entire account (not just expiring your points, b

Touched, I called my mom to let her know that I loved her

20 Apr

A few days ago, on my last break, a lady comes up to me and asks if she could have a hug because I reminded her of her daughter that died in a car accident 3 years before.. Before I could tell her, she said it was probably a scam and hung up on me.